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Surecall® Wide Band 4 Way Splitter

Wide Band 4 Way Splitter

Splitters allow 4 indoor antennas to be used with one cellular signal booster.

These splitters transmit and receive signal, distributing equal amounts to similarly sized areas. Each inside antenna connection has minimal signal loss and covers PCS, Cellular, AWS and LTE frequencies from 698 MHz to 2700 MHz.

Product Specifications

Part Number SC-WS-4
Type 4-Way Splitter
Frequency Range 698-2700 MHz
Insertion Loss ≤0.6 dB
Isolation ≥22 dB
VSWR ≤1.5:1
Maximum Power 20 W
Connector N-Female
Dimensions (with connector) 4.3" x 4.8"
Weight 13.0 oz
Proposition 65